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DRY TOUCH® produced using special techniques are composed of functional channel cross-section of yarn which advanced technology products.
This advanced technology, superior performance and functionality come together at the same time natural-looking, soft handle and DRY Touch® fabric that has created which are more opaque.
DRY TOUCH® with the channeled structure of the filaments facilitates air and moisture transport provides air from the outer surface to the inner one while conveying moisture in the opposite direction.

DRY TOUCH® performance fabrics can be used in:

• Sports wear

• Under wear

• Denim wear

• Work wear

• Ready to wear and in many other areas.

dry touch


Effective against germs with silver ions… DRY TOUCH® Antimicrobial fabrics is a technological polyester fabric offering wide-spectrum and permanent antimicrobial efficiency in textile materials. The biological active substance in DRY TOUCH® Antimicrobial is based on silver ions and it is included in the active Chemical product list of Oeko-Tex. It is harmless to human health as proven by independent experts and it is certified by the Oeko-Tex 100 Class 1 certification.


DRY TOUCH® Cottonlike fabric consists of high-filament yams resembling natural fiber. Although it has been produced with continuous filament technology, it gives a soft feel and touch as if made of spun or natural fibers.
Having the appearance of natural fiber, DRY TOUCH® Cottonlike fabrics; crease less, shrink less and have higher resistance compared to cotton. Superior than cotton also with its fast water absorbency in addition to its sweat fastness and stain resistance properties, DRY TOUCH® Cottonlike has higher air permeability than cotton.
Owing to its high pilling resistance, it also has improved original pilling and after washing pilling values compared with those of cotton.


DRY TOUCH® Micromuss fabric is the optimum choice where flexibility is desired, owing to its high elasticity and Stretching capability. İt can be used instead of, or along with, polyamide (nylon) yams in products where flexibility is an important feature. Owing to these properties, it is suitable for use in the production of all kinds of socks, stockings, underwear, lingerie and swimwear.
Natural fibers absorb moisture, driving them out of the body and onto the fabric; however, because of their natural structures they absorb too much moisture, causing accumulation. As they take long to dry, moisture is trapped between the product and the skin, which results in imbalance in body temperature. DRY TOUCH® Micromuss fabrics, produced employing micro and functional polyester fiber technology, facilitate air and moisture transport. In this way, so long as the fabric remains in contact with the air, perspiration continues to evaporate rapidly off the fabric.


Having a very soft touch, DRY TOUCH® Comfort fabric has faster water absorbency and is breathable thanks to its high air permeability. It dries and gives a sense of dryness rapidly and it has highly better burst resistant.
Additional properties including non-pilling, high resistance to abrasion, sweat fastness and stain resistance offer superiority compared to cotton yam. In addition to pilling drapability, its unshrinkability brings extra advantage in dimensional stability. Due to its properties DRY TOUCH® Comfort make a breakthrough in upholstery and home textiles especially used in mattress fabrics, bed sheets, and upholstery fabrics.