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Design of beanie Production of beanie Knitting beanie Beanie

Şampiyon Sport Production

We can take the first step to production with the fabric in first quality which dated close to the time of production in warehouses under aerated protection..

Meticulous observations of quality controllers start giving identity to our product upon completion of the first stage to determine the defect if it has..

We combine creativity with technology as sitting on drawing board..

The fabrics which are sewing by skillful hands of the innovative experts and high-knowledge since 1973 have started to take shape.

The fabrics are cut with marker paper which prepare by lectra system and then checked for sewing.

The goods which knitted by special machines are checked professionally.

The printing are made by innovator and visionary design team.

Each product is checked absolutely before pakaging.

The goods after barcode labelling and packaging are delivered to our domestic and overseas customers quickly .